Leading Belarusian manufacturer of highly effective enzyme products
Leading Belarusian manufacturer of highly effective enzyme products
for agriculture as well as various branches of consumer goods and food industry
We know everything about enzymes!
Our Company in Numbers
Production capacity allows Ferment LLC to quickly respond to global market trends, implement their own innovative projects as well as work according to individual orders with each client.
Years on the market
Countries of operation
Tonnes of products per year
Highly qualified staff
Quality control
In-house developments in the company's portfolio
2 years
The Technopark's age
Number of residents
Number of products (services) of a resident
11 mln+
Volume of products (services) of the residents
8 mln+
Volume of high-tech products (services) of the residents
5 mln+
Volume of products (services) of the residents for export
Number intellectual property assets
Our Partners
ООО «Завод ферментных препаратов», г. Москва
ООО «Фермент», г. Баку
ТОО «Белэнзим», г. Алма-Ата
ТОВ «БЕЛЕНЗІМ», г. Чернигов
Жиры и концентраты
ООО «Лабфарма»
ООО «Белкаролин»
ООО "Кубряков, Телятицкая и Партнеры"
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УО «Витебская государственная академия ветеринарной медицины»
Могилёвский государственный университет продовольствия
УО «Витебский государственный технологический университет»
УО «Белорусский государственный технологический университет»
Ташкентский институт текстильной и лёгкой промышленности
Институт биохимии им. А.Н. Баха
ОАО «Минское производственное кожевенное Объединение»
ОАО «Бобруйский Кожевенный Комбинат»
РУП «Гродненское производственное кожевенное Объединение»
Ассоциации кожевенно-обувных и пушно-меховых предприятий Узбекистана «Узчармсаноат»
ОАО «Бархим»
ОАО «Молочные горки»
РУПТП «Оршанский льнокомбинат»
ЧУП «Леди Текс»
The Ferment Technopark

The Ferment Technopark is the first accredited biotechnological production park of the Republic of Belarus with a non-governmental form of ownership with extraterritorial principle of action. It has the status of a resident of the High-Tech Park that operates within the National Innovation System according to the "subpark in a large park" model being in fact its non-departmental specialized business incubator.

For the implementation of innovative projects in the Republic of Belarus, there are special preferential legal regimes, and entering them is an analytical and multi-factor problem with no obvious solution. The Ferment Technopark seeks to replicate the success of the Skolkovo Technopark by serving as a catalyst for the development of new business opportunities for its residents regardless of what preferential legal regime they already use or would prefer to use.

The Technopark is a kind of enzyme that contributes to the rapid development of the entire area
© Nikolay Krasnikov
Financial state support for innovative projects of residents on both reimbursable and non-reimbursable basis
No restrictions on the minimum required amount of investment for the implementation of an innovative project by a resident
0% import duties and VAT on equipment for innovative project of the resident,
0% tax under simplified tax system,
10% profit tax
How to Become a Resident?
Tell us about yourself and your innovative plans! We can help take your ideas or business to a new dimension!