Consultations and support

Consultative management for agro-industrial complex

Highly qualified scientists and specialists of the research and technology company “Ferment” are always ready to help their customers find new and best solutions in the field of animal breeding, poultry breeding, fish breeding and plant growing.

We provide consultation services on the following topics.

General economy activities

  1. Technological audit of work of an enterprise.
  2. Health assessment of animals, fishes and poultry.
  3. Development of effective protocols and process flow charts regulating work of the enterprise in the field of animal and poultry breeding. Organization of breeding and fattening of young animals, keeping technology.
  4. Technological expertise of agricultural business projects.
  5. Prediction and planning of feed resources based on the analysis of feed base of a farm.
  6. Consultations on effective technologies of preparation of feeds and methods of their rational use.

Feeding of agricultural animals and poultry

  1. Production of services for calculation of recipes of compound feeds and feed mixes, as well as drawing up of feed programs for animal breeding, poultry breeding and fish breeding enterprises of any form of ownership taking into account the regional feed base of raw materials.
  2. Drawing up of optimal recipes of protein and vitamin mineral additives, premixes, organization of their production for various age and gender groups of animals, birds and fishes
  3. Design and consultation in the design of construction of compound feed plants or shops.
  4. Consultations on effective use of feed additives and veterinary products.
  5. Drawing up of feeding programs for bovine cattle, pigs and agricultural poultry.

Veterinary work

  1. Health assessment of the livestock with provision of a report and recommendations for elimination of infectious and non-infectious diseases.
  2. Control over the physiological state of the animal and the development of protocols for prevention of metabolic diseases (osteoporosis, cachexia, acidosis, ketosis, hepatitis, etc.
  3. Drawing up of effective programs and action plans for the prevention and elimination of epizootic, parasitic and gynecological diseases of farm animals.
  4. Drawing up of effective programs and action plans for the prevention and elimination of epizootic and parasitic diseases and metabolic disorders in poultry and fishes.
  5. Development of recommendations for prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system of farm animals.
  6. Organization of measures for elimination of causes leading to impaired quality of agricultural animals and poultry (cracked and leaking eggs, low content of protein and fat in milk, high content of somatic cells in milk, etc.)
  7. Development of barrier technologies for keeping of farm animals and poultry in order to reduce the effect of pathogenic microbiota with minimum use of antibacterial products.
  8. Development of eco-technologies of keeping agricultural animals and poultry at small and medium breeding complexes, as well as farms.
  9. Development and introduction of programs for prevention and treatment of caked udder.

Plant growing

  1. Technologies of growing of agricultural crops.
  2. Chemical and biological means of plant protection.
  3. Rational use of fertilizers and plant protection means.

Technological audit

Technological audit of an agro-industrial enterprise is the complex of measures aimed at studying enterprise management and development of a stage-by-stage strategy of its development with minimum financial investments.

Due to the inability of farms to employ qualified veterinarians and livestock experts, experienced specialists of OOO “Ferment” having an effective base of knowledge and principles aimed at solving problems, not symptoms, are ready to develop protocols and norms of work of an enterprise in a quick and efficient manner. Technological audit is based on the study of all livestock-related and veterinary documents, health assessment of the poultry livestock and performance of the necessary tests. After the studies performed, specialists of our organization draw up a report and send it to the enterprise management for review. During the next stage, we recommend methods for elimination of the identified problems and carry out competitive analysis of products aimed at reducing prime costs of finished products.

Discovery of the reasons behind low economic efficiency of the technologies available at the enterprise is not the basis of the audit. Technological audit at an enterprise is only completed after quick and economically sound production and consolidation of the result.

Professional consultations

You can get a professional consultation by filling in the form below. Our scientists and specialists are ready to visit your enterprise, analyse the problem and offer the best solution.