Scientific center of LLC "Ferment" has a unique complex of bio-technological developments, as well as competitive and effective products. Specialists of the Center implement their own original technologies and carry out a number of projects under contracts with foreign partners.

Mission of the Center consists in development and implementation of modern technological approaches to creation of innovative products, including their support at the stages of idea, development and pilot testing.

Scientific activities

  • participation in state science and research programs;
  • participation in Belarusian and international professionally oriented and scientific conferences and symposiums;
  • organization and performance of own workshops;
  • publication of scientific articles.


Scientific Center of LLC "Ferment" successfully cooperates with science and research institutes and educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countries within the framework of performance of scientific and research works, development and testing of biotechnology products and technologies, as well as mastering new testing methods.

Own developments

The Center carries out development of biotechnical products in the following directions.

Textile products

Scientific Center of LLC "Ferment" has developed ENZYTEX, a line of textile aids, which has successfully undergone testing and is applied at the largest textile enterprises of the Republic of Belarus: JSC "Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation", JSC "Svitanak", "8 Marta".

The center continues its work on creation of new enzymatic products based on pectinases, cellulases and laccases to be applied in technologies of biological treatment of flax materials. Moreover, a line of textile aids for such chemical and technological processes in textile industry as wetting, hydrophobization and softening of textile materials is being developed now.

Leather industry

Scientific Center of LLC "Ferment" has developed PROTEAZIM, a line of enzymatic proteolytic products, for use in the leather production technology, which is successfully used at all large leather plants of the Republic of Belarus..

Work is being carried out on creation of new process components for leather pickling and degreasing purposes, as well as enzymatic processing of raw fur.

Pulp and paper industry

The scientific center has developed an enzyme preparation "Catalazim" for the removal of residual hydrogen peroxide from   paper bleaching process, the use of which facilitates and intensifies the decontamination of wastewater from peroxide compounds.

The center develops enzymatic products for cellulose and paper industry containing xylanases for enzymatic delignification of raw wood; lipases for removal of resin complications; cellulases for reduction of cellulose degradation time; complex enzymatic products based on amylase, lipase, cellulase for use during recycling of secondary paper material for the purpose of effective removal of paint from cellulose fibers with significant reduction of environmental stress due to exclusion of certain chemical reagents and reduction of consumption of other reagents.

Scientific Center has developed the Catalazim enzymatic product for removal of residual hydrogen peroxide in the process of paper bleaching, the application of which contributes to simplification and intensification of decontamination of wastewater from peroxide compounds.

Washing, disinfecting and hygiene means

The center has also developed and successfully implemented a line of liquid mono-enzymatic products based on amylase, lipase and protease for use in compositions of detergents; work is currently in progress on creation of new multi-enzymatic liquid compositions, as well as granulated and protected forms of ferments for dry washing powders.

The latest achievement of the Center in this direction is the creation of a line of hygienic products used before and after cow milking – Lactoseptin.

Development of own disinfecting agents for various purposes is currently in progress.

Feed supplements

For many years, Scientific Center of LLC "Ferment" has developed feed supplements – multi-enzymatic compositions Fekord, mycotoxin adsorbents Diatoks Ultra and Diatoks Plus using domestic base of raw materials, unique feed additive Diatoks used to improve resistance of the body to diarrhea syndromes of non-contagious etiology and probiotic supplement Tetrabiotic.

The work on creation of new feed supplements continues. Recent achievements include development, registration and commercial launch of a new product based on the proteolytic complex Fekord-PN; registration of a new multi-enzymatic feed supplement for diets with high content of cakes is currently in preparation.


Specialists of the Center regularly undergo professional training at research institutes and laboratories of Belarus, Russia and Europe. Moreover, employees of the scientific center are postgraduate students of the country's leading universities.

Human resources

A team of professional researchers works at the research and development center. They are qualified chemists, process engineers and microbiologists specialized in research and creation of microbiological synthesis, development of new test methods and assessment of effectiveness of biotechnology products depending on the sphere of their application.