Analytical center

Analytical center of OOO “Ferment” is a unique laboratory complex in the field of bio-technologies for the research and development of products of micro-biological synthesis.

Leading positions

The center is the leading enterprise in Belarus for provision of services in the field of experimental studies of enzymatic products and bio-technological products.

The analytical center includes a testing lab accredited for conformity to the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025 (accreditation certificate No. ВY/112 2.4974) in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus.

Analytical center of OOO “Ferment” carries out about 50 tests, including 10 in the field of accreditation.

Accredited tests

Name of the test object Indicator
Enzyme products Xylanase activity
β-glucanase activity
Cellulase activity
Phytase activity
Glucoamylase activity
Amyloclastic activity/td>
Proteolytic activity
Mass fraction of moisture

Additional enzymatic activities

Moreover, the center carries out tests of the following activity indicators:

  • lipase,
  • alpha-amylase (Keralf method),
  • glucose oxidation,
  • mannanase,
  • catalase,
  • pectinase,
  • alpha-galactosidase,
  • laccase.

Quality indicators

  • thermal stability of enzymatic preparations;
  • determination of stability of enzymatic products during storage and their shelf life;
  • density of substance solutions;
  • sorption capacity and thermal stability of sorbents;
  • acidity of medium (concentration of hydrogen ions);
  • mass content of active iodine;
  • mass fraction of chlorohexidine;
  • mass fraction of humic substances;
  • determination of the active substance by titrimetric method;
  • determination of the active substance by photometric method;
  • determination of washing ability of synthetic detergents.

Own methods

Tests are carried out in accordance with the standards developed at the enterprise:

  • STP 001-2016 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of catalase activity.
  • STP 002-2016 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of lipase activity.
  • STP 003-2019 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of thermal stability.
  • STP 004-2018 2018 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of pectinase activity.
  • STP 005-2018 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of amylase activity.
  • STP 006-2019 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of lipase activity.
  • STP 007-2019 Enzymatic products. Method for determination of beta-mannanase activity.
  • STP 009-2019 Mycotoxin sorbents. Method for determination of sorption capacity and thermal stability.

Comparative tests

In order to carry out monitoring of performance of tests and measurements (including for the purpose of verification of technical competence), the testing lab applies verification of qualification by means of planning, organization and performance of inter-laboratory comparisons.

In addition, the accredited laboratory annually serves as a provider of qualification checks approved by BSCA. This fact, in turn, serves as a guarantee of provision of authentic test results.

New possibilities

Analytical center offers the following services:

  • testing of enzymatic preparations and biotechnological products according to the customer's methods, including GOST, MVI, GF and other methods;
  • development of the method for determination of quality indicators of products and raw materials;
  • testing of enzymatic products for stability and preservation in various media (detergents, pre-mixes, compound feeds, etc.) and technological processes;
  • determination of effectiveness of products containing enzymatic products;
  • viscosimetric determination of activity of  enzymatic products based on model and feed substrates (STP 008-2020 Enzymatic products. Viscosimetric method for determination of activity).

Growth and development

The analytical center has the required scientific and technical base for performance of studies in the field of determining enzymatic activities of nearly all industrially produced enzymatic products. Moreover, provision with equipment is being carried out, which will make it possible to perform the following tests:

  • determination of content of amino acids by HPLC method;
  • determination of fractional composition by electrophoresis;
  • determination of protein content by Kjeldahl method;
  • determination of the content of raw protein, fibre and raw fat by NIR spectroscopy.

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