1992 year
1992 year

State registration of the People's Research and Production Enterprise "Ferment" and organization of pilot production of enzyme products in Lyakhovichi district, Brest region.

1993 year

Start of pilot production at the Enzyme Products Company for the alcohol industry.

1998 year

Start of pilot production at the Enzyme Products Company for livestock farming under the FEKORD trademark in several modifications.

2002 year

Establishment of Ferment Limited Liability Company.

2003 year

Completion of own development of complex multi-enzyme FEKORD complexes in liquid and dry forms for farm animals and poultry.

2004 year

Start of pilot production at the Company for the veterinary therapeutic and prophylactic preparation GUMOVET for farm animals, poultry and fish.

2005 year

State registration of the Company's first intellectual property asset in the Republic of Belarus.

2006–2010 years

Participation of the Company in the implementation of state programs of various levels.

2010 year

Change of management at the Company and redirection of its innovation and development strategy.

Acquisition of technology for the production of the OXYGUMAT plant growth regulator and the beginning of large-scale implementation of the Company's own biotechnological solutions.

2011 year

Approval by the Government of the Republic of Belarus of the State Program for Innovation Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2011–2015 and inclusion in it of the plan for creation of the BelBiograd National Science and Technology Park in the field of bio- and nanoindustry with a special legal regime.

Focusing the company's development strategy on obtaining the status of a resident of the BelBiograd Science and Technology Park.

2012 year

Approval by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus of the Development Plan for the Biotechnology Industry of the Republic of Belarus for 2012–2015 and for the Period up to 2020 and active participation of the Company in its implementation.

Launch of serial production of OXYGUMAT plant growth activator as well as GUMOVET products.

State registration of two new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Republic of Belarus.

2013 year

State registration of new FEKORD fermental multi-enzyme complexes and FITAZIM enzyme preparation in the Customs Union countries.

State registration of the Company's first three intellectual property assets in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan and commencement of its international operations.

2014 year

Creation of a scientific center on the basis of the Company's testing laboratory.

Inclusion of the Company in the register of the Eurasian Economic Union manufacturers.

State registration of two new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

2015 year

Start of commercialization of FEKORD scientific and technical products at the Company.

2016 year

Received Grand Prix of the IX International Contest "Innovations in the Feed Industry" for the FEKORD-2012 enzyme feed additive.

State registration of two new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

2017 year

Approval by the President of the Republic of Belarus of the State Program for Innovation Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016–2020 and its definition of bioindustry as one of the main development priorities of the country with the research and implementation of new enzyme preparations for industry and agriculture.

Expansion of High-Tech Park (Republic of Belarus) activities in all fields of technological modes V and VI, including biotechnology, and adjustment of the Company's development strategy for obtaining the status of a resident of the High-Tech Park (Republic of Belarus).

Received Grand Prix of the X International Contest "Innovations in the Feed Industry" for the DIATOX preparation.

Start of commercialization of GUMINOBIOTIC, DIATOX, PROTEASIM and LIPROZIM scientific and technical products at the Company.

Creation and development of an R&D center and production area of the Company on a full innovation cycle with implementation of scientific, technical and innovative activities – from scientific ideas and biotechnological research to their commercialization.

State registration of four new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Morocco.

State accreditation of a testing laboratory in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus for compliance with the requirements of the interstate standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the field of testing.

Obtaining HACCP and GMP+ international certificates for the company's production and the scientific and technical products it produces.

Re-branding the company's positioning as a research and production biotechnology company.

2018 year

Adoption at the state level of the decision to expand the competence, benefits and preferences for science and technology parks, and update for the Company's development strategy to obtain the status of a science and technology park.

Start of commercialization of AMILZIM, CELAZIM, PEKTAZIM, ENZITEX, CATALAZIM scientific and technical products at the Company.

State registration of eight new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and China.

Obtaining by the Company of a valid membership in the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Improving the status of the Company's testing laboratory by having the Managing Committee of the European Accreditation Organization (EA) recognize the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus as compliant and equivalent to European and international requirements.

2019 year

Grand Prix of the XII International Contest "Innovations in the Feed Industry" in the nomination "Veterinary preparations used in the production of compound feeds and premixes" for the GUMINOBIOTIC preparation.

Start of commercialization of scientific and technical products under the PROTEAZOL trademark at the Company.

Creation of the Company's IT department and applied research laboratory.

State registration of seven new intellectual property assets of the Company in the Republic of Belarus.

State registration of the Company as Ferment LLC Science and Technology park (Technopark) and registration of its first four residents.

State registration of the Company as a resident of the High-Tech Park (Republic of Belarus).

Beginning of the Company's development within the framework of the National Innovation System according to the "subpark in a large park" model for the biotechnology industry of the Republic of Belarus.

Inclusion of the creation of a cluster of biotechnological production of enzyme and veterinary preparations on the basis of the Technopark and its residents in the list of "projects of the future" by the Commission on State Science and Technology Policy under the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

2020 year

Beginning of the creation of a B2B hub, CW prototyping center and virtual IT infrastructure in Minsk for the Technopark and its residents.

State accreditation of the Technopark testing laboratory in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus for compliance with the requirements of the interstate standard ISO/IEC 17025-2019 in the field of testing.

Start of commercialization of TETRABIOTIC scientific and technical products at the Company.

Launch of a new corporate website developed with Technopark's participation with the use of modern SEO technologies for the Internet promotion of the Technopark as well as its residents and partners.